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Welcome to the new University Policies page! This University Policies site hosts Administrative policies and supplemental documents that have been converted to the newly established electronic system. Many policies are still in transition and will remain available on individual policy sites as linked on the Policy Program page until they have been converted. Enjoy the new policy experience.

For more information, please contact the policy program at
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TitleTypeCategoryResponsible Department
Acceptable Use of Information Technology Resources PolicyPolicyAcademics,Administration,CCIT,StudentOffice of Information Security (2802)
Access Control PolicyPolicyFacilities,SafetyPublic Safety (4012)
Account and Password Management PolicyPolicyAcademics,Administration,CCIT,StudentOffice of Information Security (2802)
Affirmative Action/Equal Employment Opportunity PolicyPolicyAdministration,HR,Safety,StudentAccess Compliance and Education (5404)
Background Check PolicyPolicy - HRHR,SafetyHuman Resources (5337)
Background Check ProceduresProcedure - HRHR,SafetyHuman Resources (5337)
Classification and Personnel Actions PolicyPolicy - HRHRHuman Resources (5337)
Compliance with Health and Safety Directives PolicyPolicy - HRHR,Safety,StudentHuman Resources (5337)
Controlled Substances PolicyPolicyAcademics,Research,SafetyOccupational & Env Safety (5304)
Domestic Animals (Pets) Policy PolicyAcademics,Facilities,HR,Safety,StudentFacilities (5904)
Drug and Alcohol Roles and ResponsibilitiesProcedure - HRHRHuman Resources (5337)
Drugs and Alcohol PolicyPolicy - HRHR,SafetyHuman Resources (5337)
E-Commerce PolicyPolicyAdministration,Finance,StudentCash & Treasury Services (5314)
Electronic Mail (Email) PolicyPolicyAcademics,Administration,Advancement,HR,CCIT,StudentOffice of Information Security (2802)
Electronic Surveillance PolicyPolicyAdministration,CCIT,SafetyPublic Safety (4012)
Emergency Closing PolicyPolicy - HRHRHuman Resources (5337)
Emergency Closing ProceduresProcedure - HRHR,SafetyHuman Resources (5337)
Emergency Closing ResponsibilitiesProcedure - HRHRHuman Resources (5337)
Employee Tuition Assistance PolicyPolicy - HRHRHuman Resources (5337)
Employment Verification PolicyPolicy - HRHRHuman Resources (5337)
Employment Verification ProceduresProcedure - HRHRHuman Resources (5337)
Equipment ManualManualAcademics,Administration,ResearchAccounting Services (5308)
Equipment PolicyPolicyAcademics,Administration,ResearchAccounting Services (5308)
Essential Personnel GuidelinesProcedure - HRAdministration,HR,SafetyHuman Resources (5337)
Essential Personnel PolicyPolicy - HRAdministration,HR,SafetyHuman Resources (5337)
Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA) PolicyPolicy - HRHRHuman Resources (5337)
Fitness for Duty PolicyPolicy - HRHRHuman Resources (5337)
Fitness-for-Duty ProceduresProcedure - HRHRHuman Resources (5337)
Guidelines and Operating Procedures for Service Animals in Training and Service/Assistance AnimalsPolicyAdministration,StudentAccess Compliance and Education (5404)
Information Security PolicyPolicyCCITOffice of Information Security (2802)
In-State Remote Work Policy Policy - HRHRHuman Resources (5337)
Internal Charges GuidelinesProcedureFinanceAccounting Services (5308)
International Shipping PolicyPolicyAdministration,ResearchProcurement & Business Svs (5365)
Lactation Support PolicyPolicy - HRHRHuman Resources (5337)
Non-Discrimination & Anti-Harassment PolicyPolicyAcademics,Administration,HR,Safety,StudentAccess Compliance and Education (5404)
Notice of Non-DiscriminationProcedureAdministration,HR,Safety,StudentAccess Compliance and Education (5404)
Notice of Pregnancy Accommodation RightsProcedureAdministration,HR,Safety,StudentAccess Compliance and Education (5404)
On Call and Call Back Pay PolicyPolicy - HRHRHuman Resources (5337)
Paid Parental Leave PolicyPolicy - HRHRHuman Resources (5337)
Part-Time and Temporary Teaching Faculty and Staff GuidanceProcedure - HRHRHuman Resources (5337)
Policy on PoliciesPolicyAdministrationUniv Compliance & Ethics (5018)
Privacy PolicyPolicyAcademics,Administration,Finance,CCIT,Research,Safety,StudentUniv Compliance & Ethics (5018)
Procedures for Resolution of Discrimination/ Harassment/ Retaliation Complaints Against EmployeesProcedure - HRAdministration,HR,Safety,StudentHuman Resources (5337)
Reduction in Force Policy Policy - HRHRHuman Resources (5337)
Regular (FTE) Part-Time and Temporary Staff Work Hours PolicyPolicy - HRHRHuman Resources (5337)
Reporting and Inquiry Contacts for Discrimination or Harassment ProcedureAdministration,HR,Safety,StudentAccess Compliance and Education (5404)
Required Training PolicyPolicy - HRHRHuman Resources (5337)
Service and Assistance Animals for Individuals with Disabilities; Service Animals in Training Policy PolicyAdministration,StudentAccess Compliance and Education (5404)
South Carolina Pregnancy Accommodations ActProcedureAdministration,HR,Safety,StudentAccess Compliance and Education (5404)
Statement Concerning Amorous RelationshipsProcedureAdministration,HR,Safety,StudentAccess Compliance and Education (5404)
Substantive Change Policy PolicyAcademicsAcademic Affairs (5101)
Travel Policy PolicyAdministration,SafetyProcurement & Business Svs (5365)
Travel Procedures and GuidelinesManualAdministration,SafetyProcurement & Business Svs (5365)
Travel Time PolicyPolicy - HRHRHuman Resources (5337)
Unauthorized Absence PolicyPolicy - HRHRHuman Resources (5337)
Unauthorized Work PolicyPolicy - HRHRHuman Resources (5337)
University Contract Signature Authority PolicyPolicyAcademics,Administration,ResearchOffice of the President (5002)
Whistleblower and Non-Retaliation PolicyPolicyAcademics,Administration,Advancement,Facilities,Finance,HR,CCIT,Research,Safety,StudentUniv Compliance & Ethics (5018)
Workweek PolicyPolicy - HRHRHuman Resources (5337)
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